86 FJ60 Diesel Swap 13BT / H55F

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So I’ve decided to sell my creation from a few years ago due to family reasons and lack of use during the past several years. Here’s the basics:

13BT with H55F engine tranny swapped into a 86 FJ60
24v engine components (alt, starter)
12v everything else (run through a solar converter)
New Belton suspension at time of swap (still in excellent condition)
220,000 miles on FJ60 currently, 190k at swap time.
59,000 miles on 13bt/h55f at time of swap
3 pt seat belts in rear (non ratcheting kind you fish through the c-pillar)
3 sets of tires (studded snows {few studs left but rubber ok}, Kelly m&s, mud terrains)
AIWA CD player
Legally imported donor vehicle. Vehicle is titled/registered/insured in Idaho. Nothing hinky, all straightforward and legit with gov't agencies. I don't know about emissions testing in your locale since I'm in the land of non-testing.

Here’s what I know about the rig that is good:

It is reliable, runs good and starts well. Doesn’t burn oil or lose coolant. I’ve run many 100’s of gallons of biodiesel through it with no problems. It was my daily commuter for several years while I was making fuel then I quit driving it once I fixed my Jetta. It’ll cruise at 70 mph and accelerate up a 5% grade. I’ve consistently seen 25 mpg sometimes better depending on conditions and time of year. A/C works but I think there’s a small leak (I can charge it and go 1-2 summers without recharging, it’s 134a as well). I’ve changed the oil every 5k miles with Amsoil synthetic 15w40. Gear oils all around are Amsoil synthetic (tranny, t-case, f & r diffs). I rebuilt the knuckles and wheel bearings when I did the swap. New windshield. Solar converter for 12v operation installed with switch to toggle between convert/balance mode. Fj62 mirrors to replace those awful 60 ones. New 2-1/2” exhaust installed at swap.

The thread about the original swap is at: https://forum.ih8mud.com/diesel-tech-24-volts-systems/12794-13bt-into-fj60.html

Here’s what I know that isn’t good:

I wish I’d put the motor into a FJ60 with a better body. I don’t really have problems with the body for myself but most people want a good looking rig, I’m more utilitarian. The PO backed into something tall with the L rear corner, smashing the corner/quarter panel and part of the lower tail gate. It’s been bonded and probably the worst bondo job ever. There is rust on the wheel wells, driver door, and on the body under the passenger doors (see pictures). The frame isn’t rusty. Since the swap there has been a small drip of gear oil that I’ve determined comes from the seal between the t-case and tranny. I haven’t fixed it because it’s a small leak and only leaks after you top the oil off. Once it stops dripping you can still stick your finger in the tranny & t-case and the oil level is right there. I did install the pressure balancing tube between the 2 units. The 4wd light doesn’t come on anymore but the 4wd shifts fine (I’ve isolated it to the 4wd indicator switch on the t-case). There is 1 broken wheel stud on the FR wheel (I broke it off when re-installing the tires after rebuilding the wheel cylinders/knuckles). The drivers window is still rolling up/down but you can do it fine. The drivers seat needs replacing, it has 2 rips and the tilt doesn’t work anymore (I had it covered with a seat cover but wanted to show the rips in the pictures, I welded the seat into a fixed position that is all around comfy). I have 2 sets of bucket seats I’ll pass along that would probably swap into the cruiser.

That is all I can think of. I’m located in Moscow, Idaho and can answer any questions you may have hopefully… PM me if your interested. I'll do my best to get back to you asap.

Oh, I’d like to fetch $11,000.

Pictures at:

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going to ebay in a couple of days... would rather sell her to someone from the list if possible....

too expensive? how about $10k obo....

Moscow, Idaho, about 1-1/2 hours south of Spokane on the WA/ID border.
Hmm I would like to go to the White Elephant in Spokane again. I have a question . Do you still have the BJ74 carcass and if so are you parting it out , I need.
Hi Aaron,
i don't have the 74 carcass anymore, i believe it lives in the midwest now and can be seen as a rock crawler there.....


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