84 FJ60 w/Ironman/BDS for sale or parts possibly

United States
BDS front springs, Ironman rear, 203k, rattlecan olive drab, needs front axle rebuild badly, desmogged 2F (still have all parts, but air rail is broken, and smog pump is gutted), AC removed but I still have it, runs pretty well, exhast manifold leak, but I dont think the intake is leaking/cracked (no idle rise with carb clean squirt), 4spd manual/case in good shape shifts fine, no grinding/popping out of gear. Home made custom interior panels, extra driver side front door and extra rear doors, all with glass. New-fuel pump, alt, air filter, fuel filter, plugs, plug wires, headlights, bypass/heater hoses, brake master, front pads, tre's, BDS front springs, Ironman rear springs w/shocks, and bushings, and some other small things. Pass side quarter panel and fender mangled pretty good, driver side has rust around bottom of quarter panel, with small dent near tail light, all lights work, domelights work, rear heater works great, tear in driver seat, carpet is in fair shape, no cargo area carpet, cd player (alpine 3 disc unit), can include 6x9 sony speakers if needed, any questions ask. Considering parting out. All the new parts are 6months old or less, and i also have new rear brake cylinders, new performance radiator not installed, and a newer (but slightly used) water pump that will be included. $2500 obo, or will consider parting out if someone wants a decent deal on a motor, trans, or tcase, or a combo of them as well.

Forgot to mention, I am located outside of Denver Colorado, but can deliver somewhere between denver and Illinois if purchased by next week. I will be headed out there to pick up my 4Runner on wednesday.


I will ship parts if you want the axles, engine/drivetrain but will only part out if the major components are sold. For more details or questions email dntspmebshezz23@aol.com or pm here, and I will answer questions and get more pics if youd like. Not a bad rig, but I got a SA 4Runner for a good deal and would prefer to build it, as convertible Runners have always had a special place in my heart.
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Dec 22, 2006
Richland, WA

If you part it out I'm interested in the front springs and possibly shocks. What is the lift of the springs.
What type shackles does it have?

Jul 30, 2006
Evergreen, Colorado
GLTH- where specifically do you want pics of? the passenger side quarter panel is of no use to anyone unless you need a fuel door, as it looks like it got hit by a tank. The driver side q.panel has rust around the bottom edge from below the taillight to almost the back door, but mostly down around the bottom seam. The doors are all pretty decent, and the driver side fender is in great shape, as is the hood. The roof had a lot of surface rust, but i knocked it off with a wirewheel and found bare clean metal, primed it immediately, and painted. Ill get pics.

Tattot-you are first on the list for the bds springs/shocks/bushings. They are 2.5 inch lift over stock but gave my truck about 4 inches or so over stockers, if I part it out. Ill definitely need to find someone willing to snag the better part of the drivetrain off me before I am willing to part out though.


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Apr 18, 2005
Durham, NC
Send me a better pic of the passenger side quarter and of the rust in the bottom of both quarters. Rust is my biggest concern.

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