83K Mile 80

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Jan 29, 2008
Chapin, SC
Just a heads up, there is an 1997 83K mile 80 series for sell in CT advertised on Cars.com. I'm in the market for another 80, but that one is too far away from me to consider.

It could be a roll back on the odo, but it looks like a really nice truck from the photos.

1997 Toyota Land Cruiser, $13,999 - Cars.com
If it wasnt for the accident Im sure it would be a nice truck. Saw this when I was looking but if they are going to ask that much it should have a clean carfax. Most people for these trucks may not care but thats a deal breaker for me.
Stinky Linky....no worky
Do a search on the link, I found 70-75 91-97 LC's for sale. Some were real fine trucks as well as the one discussed in the author's post.

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