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Dec 9, 2003
Can anyone identify my engine model and capacity/power output?,engine # F566889 the chassis VIN is FJ40-185771 , the vin tag says the vehicle type is a FJ40-1VK ,it is left hand drive and came from France, [Im in the UK],I believe its a late `74, the valve cover is steel not ali, I thought it was a 2F as all the ignition parts for a 2F fit but I thought all 2F engines have a aluminum valve/rocker cover?
Another point to mention is there is a large sticker on the valve/rocker cover which reads "F155" , [red letters on a white background].
Thanks in advance.
You got a F engine, according to number from the block.

love the sig line...
The models (at least on this side of the pond were: L (canvas top), L (topless), L V-A (hard top) and (L)V Hard Top. The (L)V was the righthand drive version of the hard top, LV-A the lefthand drive.

The Last 3 years of F engines over here (72-74) had the "155" rocker covers (at least, of the ones I've seen). That gives you 3878 cc displacement (237 cu in) and a compression ratio of 7.8:1. 155 HP at 4000 rpm (gross) and 138 HP @ 4000 rpm (net).

By your frame and engine numbers (from the SOR files) you have a 10/74.

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