Parting Out 83 FJ60 Project

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Aug 15, 2014
United States
This is a 1983 fj60 I bougt as a project car back in November got her running fully desmogged but engine has some weird noises and could probably be fixed but I don't have time or knowledge so Im just trying to get rid of it. Tranny and transfer are good so far as I can tell. Frame is good too all glass is unbroken. Overall a pretty clean car. Only "problem" is rear wheel wells and back corner. I'm trying to just get my money out with little loss after parts tool and car. I payed 2600 with all those things(parts tools and car) combined so If I can get somewhere around 2100 out of it I would be good. Would probably be able to get more out but just don't have time. Would perfer to sell car more whole then less open to offers though. My number is 7zero4 5fourfour 8one0two
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He is in Charlotte NC
Bump for a good kid in a tough spot,
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