80 series parts rig..Bend, OR

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Mar 21, 2005
Central Oregon
United States
there is a 80 on this Bend, OR Craig's list. I have not seen it dunno anything about it or any of the other rigs for sale..will understand if this gets moved but thought I'd pass it on...

You can PM me if you want me to go see it (I'm over on 60/62 usually), however I'll be out of pocket until WED, 04/9.


bend craigslist > cars & trucks: search for "landcruiser"
93 $2500

If your talking about this truck, I've looked at it. Has 200K on it. Tried to get it running, Battery was dead and may have electrical short from drivers side accident. Was in an accident, T-bone. Has B pillar damage and both drivers side doors are dented. Has rear window busted and has been sitting for the winter. No lockers. Front axle's leaking... Would take some coin to get it in shape or just cut it up and have fun;p

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