80 series locked axles with 5:29's $1200obo!!!! colorado

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Mar 20, 2006
elkcreek canyon colorado
United States
FRONT: is a factory e-locker with 5:29's, birfs rebuilt (a while back, not leaky) and warn hubs, set up for 3 link, could be swapped back to fact control arm brackets easily, I still have them.

REAR: 5:29's with detroit, full float, rear disk. Considering the cost of 5:29's, lockers, and birf seals, I think this is a killer deal! $1200obo. 303-816-1108 located in colorado
If I had the money it would be worth another trip. Wish my FJ60 would sell then I would take them off your hands. Killer deal for sure.
Bumpage for a great deal.

Come on fellas, ya know those fresh $$ from Uncle George would juss about cover these.
oh man, i've been ogling this thread since it went up. I wish i had the money and was closer. Bump for ya.
holy good deal batman ... wish i was closer this is the gearing I want AND they are locked wtf why can it not be closer

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