80 series double din cd/radio upgrade

Jul 28, 2015
victoria, gippsland
I was thinking it was time to upgrade the cd/radio in the old 80 series and managed to get my hands on a double din unit from a newer model.
the new one is the fujitsu ten pzq060-00051 out of a 2012 landcruiser.

The plugs were exactly the same as the 80 series factory one.
I thought id also connect a reverse camera, so i purchased n ebay one and got the plug that converts the rc-plug to a 4 pin.

Unfortunately I can't find the video inputs and trigger pin on the plugs. I've done heaps of searching but cant seem to find the information.

Does anyone know of an adapter to go from 4 pin camera to 10 pin fujitsu cd?

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