80 Series Barn Door Blues

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Nov 29, 2016
Giza, Egypt
I presume that 80 series with barn doors are not very common in the US, perhaps there are a few mudders here who might have them.
The Barn Door Blues are quite agitating to say the least, I dont know if anyone has listened to them before ?
With time, the "Roller" in the Roller Assy, Spare Wheel Carrier Guide PN 51950-60010 (14 USD), wears down, not sure what the material is (some sort of plastic), then you hear all sorts of sounds from the rear like you had a bird's nest with a 100 hungry chicks in it.
The plastic part should swivel/rotate on the fixed part (red square) but i presume that enough dust, mud & dirt build up on it (the wake/vortex of dust behind the truck when offroading) that it no loger rotates, I think this is the reason for the ubnormal wear.
I've changed it once in the lifetime of my babe and still it eventually wears down despite greasing the channel periodically.
I thgought of machining a new roller from teflon or just removing the plastic roller and finding a suitable ball-bearing instead and press fitting it onto the bracket.
Any input from the collectrive intelligence of this group is highly appreciated.
Thanks guys........
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