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Mar 22, 2009
Fayetteville, NC

I made a trip out in town today after seeing many 80 series LC's and LX's around to try and find a couple of replacement parts for my vehicle.

I can't speak whether the prices were good since I really haven't put alot of effort into looking back home. I was looking for a shifter and steering wheel to replace the ones in my ride due to wear and tear. Here are the prices I was quoted:

  1. Original steering wheel (very worn) -$50
  2. Refurbished Steering Wheel (with leather and wood grain - only dark brown and grey availible. looks really good but they only had a few) - $185
  3. Original shifter (good condition) - $40
  4. New Shifter with wood grain ( grey leather only) - $60
  5. New Shifter with chrome, leather and wood (made in Taiwan) - $45
I also noticed a lot of small misc parts that were laying around specifically for 80 series and newer LCs/LXs.

I'll throw this out there.......
If anyone has a hard to find part that they have been looking for and haven't been able find, let me know I'll give it a shot tomorrow when I go to the market. Give me a bottom dollar price and make sure you want it when you reply to the post (attach picture if possible). If I buy it, all sales are final. The items will need to fit into a suitcase, so please no large items. I'm heading home Wednesday. Time difference here is +11 so keep that in mind and have all requests to me by 1AM 22 March - NC time.

Hit me on my email if you have questions since I'll be close to a computer for most of the evening:


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