80 project

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Anybody up there wanna verify this truck is actually there and someone is there and willing to talk? I'd hate to drive 2 hours only to find the wrong end of a shotgun.
Anyone willing to drive by it and stop for 15 seconds and I can help you indentify if it's a 91-92, a 93-94, a 95-96 or a 97
On of my employee's lives out that way, going to contact him and see if he can go by and get picks and address.
i'll be going up sunday on my way to arley. i go through jasper while crossing from I-22 to Curry Hwy. I don't mind swinging by. I didn't see an exact location.
Drove by yesterday. Took some pics with my daughters camera. Kinda funny with me walking up to this guys house with a bright purple camera bag. Its a 97 with 300K. White with oak interior. Smashed windshield and mouldy. Looks like it has been sitting a while. Sunroof was partially open. No lockers. Birfs soupy. Also looked like one of them was covered in brake fluid. Body looked straight and seemed like it would clean up ok. I only talked to the guy briefly. He said that it made a clicking noise and that he felt it needed a new motor. He so said it needed a steering pump but that he had one in the car. He said lots of folks have come by offering to take oit for free. He said he wanted 1K. I can't post pics now as I'm in nowhere arley for a while and all I have is my crappy phone which the spelling is bad.
A friend drove by and took pics for me...
I'd buy it for 1K... damn. even for parts
com'on Jeremy. You posed to say those are your pics!

Brett, you're not in town this weekend?
com'on Jeremy. You posed to say those are your pics!

Brett, you're not in town this weekend?

One of my employee's that lives out there drove by and took those for me. He didn't talk to anyone. It's about 2.5 hours from the house.

FB'd Brett the location - You can borrow my trailer if you don't want to pull yours up
here are my pics from last week.
more pics..
even more...
still more...
Yep it's a 97....
Somebody needs to jump on this and FAST

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