79 V8J40 - Not quite rolling chassis $1000 (1 Viewer)

Dec 7, 2007
Cincinnati/Northern KY
United States
79 V8J40 - Not quite rolling chassis $900


79 V8J40 Project
79 frame with title
465, 205
14 bolt
Cincinnati/ Northern KY

Blasted and spray bombed frame. SM465 & NP205 behind SBC 350. Motor mounts are burned in good, but I don’t really like the design for a wheeler. Tranny cross member fabricated from stock GM piece and bolts to frame, but needs another frame side bracket, in my opinion. 14 bolt has been braced, stripped of drum brakes & lower coil spring brackets added. Started building rear lower links from ¼” dom tubing with johnny joints on one end and heavy rubber bushings on the other. Axle side link brackets cut from 3/8” flat stock. Four super beefy 8-bolt military 2-piece wheels with internal bead lock run flat inserts included in sale, as are new coil springs. No carb or distributor.

Started this project several years ago and this is as far as I’ve made it. Working on it a few hours every few years isn’t getting me very far. Ready to take the garage space back.
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