For Sale 79 FJ 40 Trail Truck in WI (1 Viewer)

Feb 24, 2008
United States
OK, this is kind of a "who might want my Truck" flyer.
I need to get some pics of the truck. ( I will)
I used to be very active in the LC community.... Now more into Motorcycles. So, I think my 40 needs to go.

Specs: Built 2F RV Cam, Jacobs Electrics, Mallory Dist. Header, 38/38 Weber, Slightly higher comp pistons with Deeves rings, HV oil pump and I'm sure some stuff I can't remember...
4:88 gears, Lock-rite in front, Welded rear (removed the lockrite as my welded method is stronger) Spring over and shackle reversal. SM 420 and 3 speed TC gears in a 4 speed case. Woody front drive shaft, CV Unlimited Birfs. (gen 3?) Up and Over Family Roll Cage

It is not pretty, it is a trail truck with a plate. I have another truck that can go with it as well as a **** load of parts. 36X 12.4 Swamper SX (5)

It is painted Bright green/yellow/black camo.. In case anyone remembers it at the Badlands back in the day!

I'd like $3000 for the package...
This could include a trailer full of misc LC parts
Hell, I used to own 9 of them.

Just need to keep enough parts to fix the Wife's road truck.

920-979-1831 Cory

I am South of Fond du Lac, North of Milw.

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