78 FJ40 SBC South Louisiana

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$7500 obo, or possible trade for an 80 series

I bought this 40 last May for $6500. I've since added an Aussie locker in the rear, AA twin sticks, h**p seat with shoulder belts in the rear, Autometer tach, new Rancho 5000 in the front and Edelbrock shocks in the rear.

I bought a rebuilt Quadrajet from "mountainman" on eBay last month and it is running awesome. The 40 had sat for about a year before I bought it and the old carb was fouled up and would not adjust enough to get rid of a very rich condition. Changed the plugs out also.

The PO was a TLCA member and a friend of some BSLCA members, who also helped build it around 99 - 2000. They did a frame off resto and added the crate 350 from Summit at that time.

- 350SBC conversion using the AA bellhousing
- AA Twin stick kit
- custom covered yellow/black 40 seats
- stock front disc brakes and rear disc conversion from a Monte Carlo (I think)
- saginaw power steering
- 33" BFG MTs (5) with 80% tread
- custom rear swingout bumper w/ tire carrier
- h**p bench seat in back w/ shoulder belts from a Montero
- 2 1/2" lift springs
- 1 1/2" body lift
- stock 4 speed tranny w/ 3 spd transfer case
- Tuffy center console
- STOUT pipe bumper and rock sliders (more like rock crushers)
- custom aluminum dash cluster
- Inside of tub is completely rhino lined
- very spotty surface rust

The bad stuff: fiberglass front end, a couple of drips (rear diff and somewhere in the front), 3-leaf springs that are very stiff.

I'm looking to sell because I have driven it about a dozen times in the last year. I just don't have the time and feel like she is being neglected.

I have taken her on two trail rides. Once last June to Hammond, LA. I drove her 2.5 hours from my home to the trail ride, rode around for 8 hours, and then 2.5 hours back. I was beat.

Second ride was over the July 4th weekend @ Sicily Island near Monroe, LA. I trailered her there (about 4 hours) and she did very well despite the crummy carb she had on at the time.

I have never had any of the overheating problems that you sometimes hear about with the SBCs, even in 90 degree weather.




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Its a good rig Brian and I'll be sorry to see it go. Hopefully it'll stay home or find a good home to member here. Brakes are original front and monte carlo rear at least thats the way I set it up in 99.

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