For Sale 78 fj40 450 hp 383 nv4500

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United States
I am selling my 78 FJ 40. I started as a project and completed alot from the bottom up. It needs a new tub.

  • new nv4500 gm trans 5 spd with 5.61 granny
  • new 383 chevy complete turn key crate motor
  • all new axles, hi bias limited slips, 4.88 gears
  • 4 to 1 transfer case all rebuild with twin stick kit
  • new locking hubs
  • all new u joints, driveshaft, steering assembly
  • everything hi strength
  • receipts for everything purchased
  • all new gauges
  • new front bumper
  • new rear bumber with swing out carrier
  • completely removed diffs and sandblasted then painted
  • all new brakes including booster etc
  • all stainless brake lines
  • new advanced adapters full bellhousing w/ dual friction clutch and all new clutch components
  • custom oversized radiator with electric spal fan
  • billet alternator
  • billet power steering pump
  • billet pulley serpentine system
  • power steering conversion with agr pump
  • 4" lift kit
  • many more parts not listed plus i have a fuel injection kit i havent installed that i will throw in for free it is the powerjection iii kit retails for about 1700.00
I need to sell as it sits around alot since we are so busy with our business. I want to see it go to a good home. Every part I put in it i s top of the line, no corners were cut with part quality, there is well over $30k in it. I know I wont get that much for it but it is important for me to see it go somewhere where it will be appreciated.

Feel free to e mail me any questions at
it only let me post 3 pics as far as price i have no idea what is worth other than what i have in it. if anyone wants more pics let me know i can e mail them
I know its not a house but location might be a factor......Did I miss the location????

Best & Good luck with sale. I would prolly be all over this in about 2-3 years
Now that you have 2 pictures Just go back

More pictures Just go back and reply to my post then add another picture or 2 under manage attachments, Post again do the same ! You might want to check your picture size before posting get it down to about a 6x6 picture then add it to the additional posts......Dave Nice looking motor! I would like to get around $15- to $20 K for mine down economy at present . this picture was 71.3kb
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