78' body installing 79' engine... Differences???

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Oct 25, 2005
Hagerstown MD
I'm going to be dropping in a 79' plant into my 78'

I want to remove all smog s*** and keep everything as simple as poss.

I noticed the 79 alternator has a two prong plug and the truck has a three prong plug. Is this going to beat in my head or what?

I don't have any wiring diagrams or smog/ vacuum diagrams. Any advice.
I would like to drop the exhast mainfold and run a header.

Help me find some direction on these probs guys. Thanks a million. Kenn
put the 78 alt on it. ;)

strait-forward swap....there is no step by step for this...just a FSM...get one and read away...

Install the header if you want, just block off the EGR port on the intake, and call it good.

good luck!


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