77 or 78 fj40 resto project sale (1 Viewer)

Oct 18, 2006
T-ville NC
I am getting ready to buy a whole bunch of land cruiser parts I found and what all is there is enough to do a complete landcruiser. It has a frame that has been took all the way down and painted with motor transmission tansfer case setting on suspension and axles with a fiberglass tub that goes from the firewall back. it will have the roll bar and I think it has some seats to go with it. I am going to go and take some pictures this weekend and try to post up what all will be with it if anyone is interested in it. I am pretty sure it has the top and all the parts to go with it. I am guessing I am going to have about $5,000 in getting it all if anyone is interested in it. I am taking one for my self and there is another one there if someone is interested. It is a project that someone has lost interest in and maybe someone can gain from it.
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