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Nov 23, 2006
Lowden, IA (Quad Cities)
United States

Not often 40's are for sale around me. Or they look like this one. I went and looked at it last week and it is too far gone for what I have time for - which I knew when I went to look at it. Here's a few more terrible pictures.

The rear frame is pretty bad, but salvageable. The rear spring hanger isn't rotted out somehow. Air cleaner was left off carb and carb is frozen. Bunch of emissions stuff still on it. Hard top is in OK shape. So are the doors. Door cards are in good condition. Cab is OK. Jump seats are in good condition. Tub is rotted behind front seats - among many other places. Mossy as sh*t.

The story he told was his buddy was hot and heavy for a 40. This guy came across this one, bought it for his buddy - who thought it was too rough. This guy has been sitting on it for a few years. when he bought it, the PO said it needed a starter and "lost interest" in it.

Even though the post says $3500 - he said he was really looking for around $2k. I offered him $1k for the parts.

Makes mine look pretty damn good.

The Blazer he's selling is pretty sweet too. Chevy 305 that starts right up.

I'd be willing to look at something specific if you want.





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