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76 fj45 craigslist california

Discussion in 'FJ45 Classifieds Corner' started by mANFREDI, May 25, 2009.



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    Sep 6, 2005
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    Landcruiser FJ45 FJ40 Pickup 4x4 - $12999

    Reply to:sale-cpxdq-1184526422@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
    Date: 2009-05-22, 6:08PM PDT

    The person who flagged this ad.....GET A FREAKIN LIFE LOSER!!! I live in San Diego but have no problem delivering this truck an hour and a half away to Los Angeles. It isnt like Im advertising it from New York. FJ45 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 1976 4x4, 2F Toyota six cylinder gas engine with headers, Holley carburetor(just rebuilt), The engine runs great, idles perfect, great power, drives down the freeway at 60mph no problem, power brakes, manual steering, four speed manual transmission, Right hand drive (completely legal if the truck is over 25 years old), 33" tires, all gauges work, the sides of the pick up fold down or can be removed if a flatbed is desired, The truck is SUPER clean, chassis has no rust, recent paint job, fiberglass roof, a couple tiny rust bubbles in the cab. These trucks use all the same parts as the common FJ 40 so finding parts is very easy. I encourage you to inspect it and see how clean the truck is and if you want I have no problem with your mechanic inspecting it as well. These trucks are in my opinion one of the coolest trucks ever made and are extremely tough, durable and easy to work on. It drives great, sounds great and gets compliments everywhere it goes. Anyone who knows anything about classic Landcruisers will know how rare and desirable these trucks are, if you dont do your research before asking me dumb questions.I am currently waiting to receive the California title/registration in the mail which should arrive in about a month. This truck is for sale right now and I am willing to make a deal but the buyer will only have to hand me the money for the truck AFTER I receive and sign over the title and the buyer can pick up the truck. If you want to ship the vehicle I will help with loading but ALL shipping/trucking arrangements must be made by the buyer. The additions I would consider are ...with the over size tires the truck would be easier (but still no problem the way it is) to steer with a power steering pump added (easy to find and install) the transfer case leaks a little and if you are going to register it in a California county that requires a smog certificate this truck WILL NOT pass California's strict smog test the way it is currently set up. The smog equipment can be bought and installed (uses the same equipment as the FJ40) but will be the responsibility of the buyer.12999$ located in Pacific Beach San Diego California