For Sale '76 FJ40 needs more than we can give it

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United States
Bottom line: $3000, 6cyl, hi-lo 4WD, manual trans. Engine in good shape. Body good, no rust. Needs brakework.

Story: we bought it from the original owner 15 years ago, who put on about 120K miles on it. We just used it to get to hiking trailheads in the truckee area, putting about 100mi/yr on it since then. Stored in our garage year round. Passes smog with no effort (just renewed this month/May). When a rear brake adjuster seized this winter, our regular mechanic said "This is a project car now and I don't do that." We're not project car people, so our beloved toy needs a new home where it will be better understood. (It's available for a test drive only if you understand it does not have rear brakes right now.)

Contact: Email Karey or 650-906-5146.

Listed on craigslist posting ID#2410723272 with pictures
Located in Truckee CA

Located in Truckee, CA, sorry forgot to say.

wow, that was fast, thanks for being such a great resource, list!
Id get a new mechanic, it was a simple fix. mIke
I would have paid a lot more than $3k. Ive been looking for a 76' in this condition for years. :bang: wish i had seen the post sooner. 2X on the good deal.
Wow, no kidding. Needs new rear brakes so get rid of it?! :bang:

Basic maint (brakes) does not mean its a project rig...someone got a heck of a deal!!!
pheww- straight tub and uncut fenders- they just don't come that way on the East coast - i need to move
Their (mechanic ),Id use the title lightly for him. MIke

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