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I have decided to sell my late 75 FJ40. I posted it on the local craigslist site (Raleigh/Durham). I took the body off and blasted it clean when I restored it a few years ago. Fabbed new floor pan with heavy guage steel, so the body is very solid (although I regret not ditching the diamond plate that came with the vehicle). Only got to take it out a few times before times changed and it had to sit the bench for a bit. Now that I've moved, I would like to find a new owner that will enjoy it. Not pretty, but starts right up (thanks to automatic choke) and runs well. Reworked just about everything during the build.

Also with it are some accessories that I didnt' have time to add (heavy duty rear bumper and tire carrier, power steering), and a bunch of parts that I've collected over the years.

Asking $10K, but will accept reasonable offers.

Interested in comments good and not so good.

75 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser $10k obo
Dixon 75FJ40 Front Iso.jpg
Dixon 75FJ40 Rear Iso.jpg
Looks nice but people are going to question the diamond plate.

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