For Sale 74 fj40 - $5750 OBO - Seattle, WA

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United States
74 FJ40 - Originally Freeborn Red

F-Engine - 87K
4x4 (duh)

Recent Work, Mods, Etc,...All work completed/parts added at/or after the 86K mile mark....

Warn Hubs, Rebuilt Knuckles
4" Skyjacker Leafs
Bilstein 5100's
SOR Greasable Shackles
32x11.50 BFG A/T KO's

Weber 32/36 Progressive Carb
Electric Fuel Pump
Water Pump & Hoses

Round Eyes Headlights
New Tailights
New OEM Shift Knob
New T-Case Shift Knob, Boot, and Lower Rubber/Metal Gasket thingy

Engine and drivetrain are completely stock besides the electric fuel pump and Weber carb. Starts, Runs, Drives, Stops like a charm, is now ready for the body work.

NEEDS BODY WORK. The hood, front grille, and bezel are really the only things I can say are in great shape. It's taken some lumps over the years, so some fenders will needs some love. The REAR SIL IS RUSTED OUT, but I have the replace/repair kit from CCOT ready to go with the truck.







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Rear sil rust...much of that is Bondo which I scraped out, so it looks much better in the picture compared to what it actually looks like with all that crap removed. AS STATED ABOVE, I HAVE THE REAR SIL REPLACEMENT KIT AND IT WILL GO WITH THE TRUCK.

Forgot to mention, I believe the wheels I have on there now are Chevy steelies with a 5.5" backspace rattle-canned white. |I installed some Alll-Pro off road 1.5" spacers to compensate for the incorrect backspacing.

Also have the set of beat up wagon wheels that came on the truck when I bought it.

ALL REASONABLE OFFERS WELCOME. I wasn't sure how to price this based on the work that's been done, and what it still needs.

Would take a trade for a 87-95 Mustang 5.0, 5-spd of roughly equal value, I will take a partial trade with cash, but I cannot do cash on top.

Those steelies look more like IFS Toy minitruck rims to me ... just a guess. Dig the six spoke white spokers, don't see them very often. GLWS!

Good to know, thanks for the input! I picked them up for $50 and thought I had found a great deal and a great score, until I got them home and realized the backspacing was way off....$150 in wheel spacers later my great deal wasn't so great:bang:

Might still get those 6-spoke wagon wheels blasted, repainted, and remounted, as I really liked the stance before I swapped over to the other steelies w/ the wheel spacers. Having them blasted and powder coated will cost as much/more than a new set so I don't know if I'll go that route.
Say it ain't so Rob!!!
I know Mike! :crybaby:

If I can't move it for the right price, I'm just going to put it on ice for a while to save up to get the body and interior done. I just have no patience at this point since we are never able to drive it with our schedules.

I feel so dirty putting it up for sale though....
I'd love to buy this for my MIL's farm, it would be perfect if I had an extra 5k floating around. GLWTS.

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Is the rest of the interior still red?

What all is included with the rear sill replacement? Would it make sense to have the rear sill repaired and have the whole exterior repainted at the same time to match the original red?

The interior floor is Herculiner-ed...somewhat poorly, unfortunately. The inside of the hard top, dash, and doors are still the original red though.

The rear sil kit includes the inner support piece, and the outer body panel...and yes, it would make sense to have it repaired and painted at the same time.

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