'73 Piggy - Sacramento - $1200 OBO

Discussion in 'Other Vehicles' started by Cube Dweller, Mar 2, 2007.

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    Went and looked at a '73 Piggy today.

    The Good: Seems fairly complete, from what I could tell everything is there under the hood and stock. All glass was present, most interior door panels, seems like all the dash stuff was present except for the radio. Everything appeared stock except for the bucket seats (he says he has a split bench available) and a couple white spoke wagon wheels. Owner said it runs well, I didn't ask him to start it. Permanently registered in Montana and he has the registration (he says).

    The Bad: Body is in rough shape. Rust in the front fenders and roof sill/gutter. Lots of bondo, some of it falling off. Irregular gaps along a couple doors. Floorpan looked ok, but I didn't get too into it. Frame looks surface rusty as do the body mounts.

    The Story: Owner's name is Bill, lives in Fair Oaks, 15 miles or so from Sacramento. Bill flatbedded it back from Montana about 3 years ago and it's sat ever since. He's now terminally ill and is trying to clear out some junk to lessen the burden on his wife before he goes. Shipping it would probably be too much of a burden but I suppose it's worth it to ask him. This would be a good wheeler, or a good swap for your clean body if you're having problems smogging your '76 or later in Cali. He's asking $1200 OBO. Contact Bill directly if you're interested - 916-nine 67-three 8 six 0

    I won't be monitoring this ad and am not on the board much these days.
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    Dec 1, 2006
    If anyone is interested in buying this Pig and parting it out I would be glad to buy anything I can use. I know several other Pig owners who are looking for parts. I live too far away to buy this rig but it would be great if someone could help the guy out. It sucks to be in his position. Thanks...
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