73 fj55 project for sale

Nov 21, 2006
More complete list of parts as of 6/4/13
Back up for sale!-1500 bucks for the car and all the parts!

there may be interest in the drivetrain. If it sells complete the price of the vehicle and parts as a package will drop quite a bit. Still prefer not to part out, but if there was enough interest?

its a 73, has rust spots, dents, and would not make a good car to restore at all. It would make an awesome project and wheeler for somebody. It was going to be my ultimate exploration 4x4... Currently has disc brakes on all four corners, sliders welded in, has fuel injected 350/700r4/np241 (worked great when pulled from suburban- not wired up or fuel lines blah blah blah) sitting in it at the moment, and a list of spare parts 2 pages long. I collected a LOT of stuff for this car, and just dont have the time to put it together. oh well, im posting the pics now, and when i find the list i made will update with details (i sent a 1977 pig to the crusher and have almost everything that bolted or screwed onto it)
just off the top of my head:
couple extra doors, 4 core radiator, full set of extra glass, extra working tailgate window reg (one in car works too), extra set of leaf springs, fj60 axles, 19 spline split transfercase, fj62 power steering box, at least enough interior pannels to come up with decent set for this car - maybe 2...

list of parts: (prob still overlooking a few things)

-Extra driver door
-Extra pass rear door
-Extra -1977 rear axle drum to drum with harldines and sway bar links
-pushbar for front bumper
-extra valance (the part below windshield that wiper arms go thru
-origional hand crank for 2f and spare tire
-toyota fj55 aux fan for under hood cooling
-random grey bucket seats for the front
-brand new full set of spring and shackle bushings from specter off road
-full set of extra fj55 stock leaf springs
-extra windshield
-extra tailgate glass
-extra brake booster
-extra gas tank in great shape (except for 7/8 hole drilled in bottom)
-one set of rear bench seat with ripped upholstery
-one set of rea bench seat recovered in nice condition
-extra pass wind wing
-extra rear window regulator assembly in good shape
- extra full set of everything that came from a 73 tailgate- regulator, emblems, handles, etc.
-extra grill and headlight bezels
-extra gas flap door
-extra fuel sender cover for bed
-from a 1977 fj55: turn signals, emblems, wiper arms, vents, etc from car that went to crusher
-seat belts and arm rests from the 77
-various fj55 driveshafts
-extra front and rear heaters
-extra set of headliner bows
-fj62 power steering gear box
-extra door hinges
-fj62 split transfercase (19spline)
-extra sun visors
-toyota inclinometer from sr5 4-runner in excelent shape
-old school dick cepek jerry can carrier
-spare tire carrier from isuzu in great shape i was goin to modify for use on rear
-at least a full set of interior pannels in good shape- prob almost 2 sets
photo 1-1.jpg
photo 2-1.jpg
photo 3-1.jpg
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Nov 21, 2006
Back up for sale
photo 4-1.jpg
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