For Sale 73 FJ40 Trade up for ??

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United States
Guys, I am realizing that I don't have the time at home to work on mine.
I'd like to trade my driver/builder 73 FJ40 up for one that's closer to nice daily driver.

Also kinda open to someone that may want to work on it but due to a dumbass burning me on build up a 63 Galaxie in years past, it's gonna be a hard sell.

I'm not looking for a Resto or a 50 grand toy. Just a daily trustworthy nice driver that only needs little projects attention.

It's the baby blue one with white hard top. 8274 winch, confer shackles, and 4x bumpers front and rear.
Clutch is weak but I have new parts ready. Also have a new GM HEI dist to go with. Runs but been parked inside garage since 2012. (I work out on the road) Some rust, some bondo but not bad. Split tailgate in good shape. Hardtop has never been off.

Fair value with winch is 4000. (I'll keep the winch if not wanted for 500 bucks credit on the deal.)
I'd like to trade up to something less than 10 grand if anyone is wanting another project. I'll work with you on meeting or shipping.

Only have March 2015 to do this as I'm heading back out 1APR. anyone interested, let me know. I too hate ads without pix but won't be home for a week and wanted to see if anyone is interested so let me know soon. First answers get first dibs.

Located in East Oklahoma near Arkansas line.


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