'72 FJ40 Barn doors / Hinge bolt inaccessibility question (1 Viewer)

Aug 28, 2020
Hey all,
New 72 fj40 owner here, and looking for feedback!

When I bought her, she came without barn doors and just a hatch. It's not so much of a mystery to me why they weren't added now...

As I went to install my refinished set yesterday I noticed that I'm missing the threaded female component (or maybe it was never there?) in the holes where my hinges would connect to the back body panels. When I look inside the hole it looks like they rusted away long ago.

There are a number of holes I can access from behind/underneath, so I can add a nut for securing them, but the top two holes of the top hinges are inaccessible due to them being imbedded in a closed off section of the back body panel.
  1. Since I can't access the backs of these holes to add a nut, I'm considering drilling through the upper back quarter panel and using a longer bolt set so I can secure the hinges to the body.
  2. Alternatively, I am aware I could disassemble the car, cut the body, weld a threaded component in, re-weld the panel shut, refinish the panel, and put the car back together.... just not a timely answer, and I'm not a purist. I do realize more holes equals more problems down the line with fit, rust. etc.
I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that #1 above is an ok cost/benefit to solve for this since this is the direction I'm leaning. Any thoughts are appreciated.





Jun 8, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
Rivnuts!! But they will be a bear to squeeze. If you do decide to drill through make sure to put in a sleeve or you will end up crushing the body panel.

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