71 Fj40 SOA lift 39.5" Iroks (NEW)

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United States
I have a 71 Fj40 for sale. This FJ has a SOA lift on it, a brand new full metal tech family cage, all brand new master cylinder, slave cylinders, springs, clips, and pads. All of the axles were wire wheeled and painted, so the axles look brand new. A custom high steer arm is also on the cruiser. The tires are 39.5x13.5x15 brand new iroks that still have the nobbies on them. There are 1.5" spacers on each hub. The wiring harness is brand new and installed, it is from Painless. New rebuilt carb, done by javier's automotive in houston. Isuzu Trooper front seats. Welded rear diff. so the rear axle is locked. The springs are flipped to give it a 98" wheel base. The drive shafts were lengthened.

Now for the not so bad.brakes all work but icould not find extension lines from the master cylinder to the axles. I do not have the lights hooked up but the wires are ran to them. I have radialed the fenders to fit the tires size (competion style int the rear and shaved in ther front. the battery wont hold a charge because of the voltage regulator but I have a new alternator in the box that goes with the cruiser. I will try and get some pics up asap.

asking 5k obo
disk brakes or power steering?
also, location?

here are the pics of the cruiser
cruiser 001.jpg
cruiser 002.jpg
cruiser 003.jpg

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