700r4 plus some...

Aug 11, 2005
Sunny South
I Bought a 85 chebby suburban for my v8 swap but i want to retain my stock four speed so i have no use for the 700r4. its yours for 200.00, it shifts perfect and yes i have driven it, the engine and tranny have 50-60k on them and the body has 160k. if you want the t-case with the tranny you can have it.

I'll only be using the engine so the rest is up for grabs if anybody wants them.
dana 44 front, 10 bolt rear, the body is in great shape, has all seats and interior in good shape.whole truck seems to be in good shape and i will begin parting in out in the next 2 weeks so give me a heads up and i'll hold it for you.

I'm located in central Pennsylvania in Lewisburg

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