70 Sighting in Las Cruces

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Oct 31, 2003
Fischer, TX
Very sweet looking white flatbed 70 with snorkel pulling an offroad camper trailer one hour ago - got away before I could get to it. Anybody know who it belongs to?
Was this it?
Maybe, but it didn't have the pop-up on top. It was pulling a trailer.
Possibly coming from the Overland Expo that was held down in southern Arizona this weekend. I am sure there were some $uper $weet rig$ in that area.
It was very clean. I'll bet it did come from the Overland Expo. Sweet, very sweet.
On a similar note, I saw a white over red Iron Pig get pulled over on Southern Blvd Sunday afternoon. Had temporary reg tags that were probably expired because the driver wasn't doing anything weird that I could tell. Anybody on here?

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