69' FJ40 For Sale

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I have a very well preserved FJ40 for sale. I've owned it for about 16 years. Bought it in Arizona with the original 6 cyl engine. I later transplanted a Chevy 350 into her with the stock 3 spd tranny and transfer case. About 5 years ago I started to rebuild her again with a newer throttle body fuel injected Chevy 350, a 700R4 automatic tranny and the FJ40 4 spd transfer case. I also started installing power steering, a tilt/telescoping steering column, and rear disk brakes. Then I started building my house and I've not been able to touch the "cruiser" since. I no longer have the time or desire to finish the changes. The engine and drive train need to be installed, the power steering modification finished and the rear disk brakes modification finished. She does not currently run since the old engine and drive train have been removed already.

The body is in great shape for a cruiser this old. Its not perfect in that it has a small crack in the passenger fender (about 1 inch long). I believe there is a spot of body repair (palm sized) near the drivers door. The floor board areas are solid with no rust out anywhere on this body. There is some superficial rust on the front floor area but it's only surface rust. I've stayed on top of any floor rust over the years. What rust there is is just surface rust and not deep or rotting type rust. It was repainted a darker blue than the original blue an also had a clear coat before I bought it. Some of the clear coat is peeling and in some small areas the bark blue paint has come off and shows the older light blue paint underneath. This isn't large areas but small areas near hinges, ect. (see the rear picture). Like I say this isn't a perfect body but she is a very good vehicle that has four-wheeled many places and has aged very well. Better than any other '68 I ever seen that wasn't restored.

This is truly a great FJ and is ready to be completed. I have all the parts, engine, tranny, Transfer case, power steering parts, and tilt/telescoping steering column and u-joints. It has Toyota Corolla bucket seats in it and another set of Subaru bucket seats I was going to install. I do not have the adapter for the automatic to transfer case. Its about the only significant part that I don't have to finish the vehicle. I have the entire Chevy 350 TBI wiring harness, computer, etc.

This is going to make someone a great FJ. It has taken me to so many places in Colorado, Arizona an Utah over the years. I thought I would own it long enough to pass it on to my kids. I'm hoping to find a new owner for her that takes pride in a vehicle and will finish her properly. Not chop her up and beat the heck out of her.


I've got lots of pictures so just ask and I'll send you a link.


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