62 runs rough

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Oct 22, 2004
Clemson, SC
I'm postin this for my buddy who doesn't have internet hooked up at his new house yet. He lives in Nashville TN..so if there is a tenn club send me a pm and I'll get ya in contact with him. On with the problem. Before 2 nights ago it had happened 2 other times and did not last long. He will be drivin his 62 and all of a sudden it will "bogg" down and he'll go from 60mph to 15mph. It never shuts off on him. If he turns it off and lets it sit for a min he starts it up and he can drive it at speed again. It idles fine. Not sure how long it takes him to "bogg" down. He had one mechanic who replace the spark plug wires, some kind of ohm meter,(Ihave a 60 so I'm not sure what the ohm meter does) and somethin else, but I don't remember. I don't think he replaced the rotor or dist cap. I don't think it's the fuel pump. The only thing I can figure is either 1) his injectors are clogging up and he needs them cleaned, or 2) his dist cap and rotor button need replaced. I don't think the coil would be going bad but I could be wrong. It would seem to me if it were the dist and cap then it would be something he would feel on every cylce of the rotor turn. Like I say I don't have a 62 so I'm kinda lost here...any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chuck

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