62 body panels

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Mar 1, 2006
Monument, CO
are 60 and 62 fenders, drivers and drivers rear passenger door, and colum a direct replacement for each other. i am new to the crusier world and am in the prossess of replacing doors, drivers side colum and LH rocker panel. my 87' 62 was t-boned in 02' and i'm just now getting time to start fixing it. it saved my wife and daughter.
FJ62's ran from 1988-1990. The fenders are not interchangable with FJ60s.
From what I've read, the fenders are different, but can be modified. Something about the fitment for the headlights, grill and valence. I don't think the doors will be a problem, but as mentioned, you need to change the window mechs out.

(Looking for PS fender and both doors for a 60)

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