60 sseries steering wheel replacement

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Aug 22, 2004
ok what have you guys used if anything and can you give me some pointers .
Why do you want to replace yours? Is it because it is worn out or damaged or becuase you want something different?
My FJ60 came with a non-stock steering wheel. I could not see the gages very well because it was too small in diameter. A smaller wheel also lowers the leverage you can put on the steering system (meaning it will be harder to steer). In the end I put the stock wheel back on. Now all I need to do is find a lace-up leather wheel wrap for it...

yeah I tried to be different , and swapped steering wheels and ditched my old one and now a 13 " steering wheel sucks
Ya must have missed the PM I sent you. I've got one. Even the right color.


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