60 center console. Anybody want it? FREE

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I just "built" a center console and don't need the old one anymore. It's grey and it has a couple of cracks.

It's free it you want it.

if not i'm gonna post it up in the classifieds.

I'll post pics up tomorrow.

yup it has the cup holder, but the cup holder has a 1-2 inch crack on the frin of it. Still functions well.
Glad I can actually give you something..
I'm on call today/night. How's Wed afternoon for you? I can drop it off after work.

Patrick, all I really want is the cupholder. So if you want to meet up on Wed, that'd be cool. I think I'll be around all day. If you want to dump it all as one unit, I'll take it and pass the console on to anotha mudda. Gimme a call on Wed.

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