60 axles w/62 thirds, 55 rear w/disc conversion

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Jul 26, 2006
heber city,utah
United States
Looking to pass along some axles. The 55 rear I took off to put the 60 axles in. Now have 80 axles. Like the title says 55 rear has disc conversion. Needs a new set of pads and that's it. Sua configuration.
The 60 axles I just swapped in 62 thirds and an Aussie in the back. Hasn't been on the road yet. Did a mild rebuild on the knuckles all new seals but not bearings. They were fine. The front is sua and the rear soa.

$250 for the 55 rear.
$350 for the 60 front
$400 for the 60 rear with the Aussie in it.

Will post up some pics later today. Have to go over to the shop to take some pictures.
no interest at all anybody? Open to offers.
What kind of conversion on the rear FJ55 axle?
Please forgive me for not knowing for sure. I believe it's monte carlo discs with caddy calipers. It was on the pig when I got it. Worked completely fine. Just upgraded to 60 axles.
What gear ratio on the 60 rear?
Fj62 thirds so they are 4:10's

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