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May 4, 2006
So does anyone else get this fancy-glossy pseudo magazine? BTW, they love heeps and bolt-ons. I will admit though, when I needed a snatch-block fast, they were the only ones who had them in stock, because let's face it, their customers aren't wheeling or getting their shiny black wheels and LEDs dirty :rofl:
Anyways, in the most recent rubbish on page 24, they yammer on about the 10 Best Budget 4x4s and include the 80! But then they reference a pic of a 100, and blather on that basically you'll have better luck winning the lottery than finding one at a reasonable price (editorial liberties taken).

At least their review of the Tacoma was close. I mean 1995.5 vs 1996 is close enough, and never mind the 2.7 4cyl option, or the rear locker.

And as a former Bronco owner, the 351 was offered well before 1992. Alright, I feel slightly better, carry on :cheers:
While I don't disagree completely. Most of your Claims are 100% true, and I'll remind them of that when there mounting new wheels cheaper than any one in town with gear not avalible any where else on the quick..

There bronco/ford comments are saying. 92-96 is the best expecially if it's the 351... the rest of your points are ridiculous, they have no pride.
It is handy to have an ARB dealer a few miles from my house that also doesn't charge tax or shipping. If I get a bumper, that's probably where I'll go.

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