4WD Switch Is Not Working

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Feb 20, 2014
Camas, WA
Has anyone here gone through this issue?
I haven't read all the threads on the main 60 series section because I wanted to check locally first. The basic problem I'm having is that when I engage the 4WD button on the dash nothing happens; no light and no 4WD.
Hey Steve, haven't had this happen to me yet, but as you may already know this is a vacuum activated transfer case system. You can try switching the vacuum lines on the switch to see if you can get the 4wd to activate. You might also have a vacuum leak from one of the houses. Make sure they are all secure. New switches can be found in ebay. I have an extra if you can't find a solution and want to try my switch out.


I keep thinking of other things as well. Try shifting into 4 LO. I don't think 4 LO is activated by vacuum. Just to make sure your 4wd works.

I think my problem may just be the actual dash light bulb. Today I drove around in circles in a parking lot. With the 4WD button bushed and making a tight turn I get the typical front wheel skipping as the diff. tries to keep up. As scientific as that is, I hope I found the problem...

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