4th Gen 4runner advice...

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Apr 4, 2007
Hi All,

Has anyone who owns, or just knows in general, have any issues with the front springs on a (mine is a 2005 V8 SR5 4Runner) 4 Gen runner? It looks to me (at 28K miles) that the fron springs may be softening or sagging, so that the front tires have a slight negative camber angle and the front axle shafts seem like they are not perfectly flat and point upwards slightly from the axle housing to the wheel.
Anyone know if there is a known issue with these springs, or does anyone know if by chance Toyota uses the same front springs for the V6 as they do in the V8, which is a heavier engine so maybe that might cause this??

Thanks for your help and advice any of you might have!!
a friend of mine has the 8cyl and has not experenced any sag you might just want to call up OME and order some beefier springs :D
I have one with 35K on it, no sag and I live on a dirt road, takes a daily beating. Seems fine.
hmmm, thanks all for your help!! I will try to investigate further.

If I could order new springs from OME I would definitely, thanks Nat!


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