4Runner buggy on 42's (1 Viewer)

Jul 9, 2004
Montgomery Co. TEXAS
No, not Fireman's... Found this buggy on a trailer at a local shop. Stoopid me asked if it was for sale. It was. We bought it. '85 4Runner, F-Toy clone, 22re, 5 speed, Marlin dual case, propane, 42" IROK Birfield breakers. Little short bastid, but at least it has doors for us non-midgets to get in and out!

Need to add seat sliders, harnesses, RCV's, better lighting, and raise the the roof about 3 inches. Since it's for Debi & Holley the roof may have to wait. Also needs a White Trash sticker... Shoot, I think both of them do.


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