4runner air conditioning condenser

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May 20, 2008
Denton. Texas
How do you take out a air conditioning condenser from a 1990 v6 4runner??? Do you have to remove the radiator and fan??? Take it out from the bottom????
Thanks for the help. Mike :hmm::hmm::hmm: Doh. I meant remove compressor.
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Yea. Thanks. I missed the part about removing the power steering pump. :bang::bang: It still looks like a bear.
Yes. I have charged other makes. First time for a 4runner. Is there a trick.
BTW to remove the compressor I had to remove radiator, shroud, fan, battery, loosen the power steering pump (did not take it out), and remove the passenger side steering damper bolt. Remove the little door in the wheel well helps. It became a :banana::banana: job.
Thanks. Mike

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