44 inch swamppers

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Mar 19, 2008
18x44x16.5 tsl super swampers on 16.5x12 steel wheels. They have some custom grooving never seen pavement only ran in to mud comps before i got them.

By boost_junky9 at 2009-03-27

By boost_junky9 at 2009-03-27

By boost_junky9 at 2009-03-27

By boost_junky9 at 2009-03-27
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price is $1200 for a limited time will deliver to denver for this weekend I have to go play soldier in laramie.
What sort of gear ratio were you running in your diffs with these? I have a 1974 FJ40 with a 6" SOA lift and 4.88's in the diffs. I currently have 35's and was thinking of going to 37's or 38's but these things are huge.
i was running 4.56's with a 400hp small block turning them. The only are 40 inchs tall mounted on the wheel they are on and the rig sitting on them.

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