4-Sale Custom front bumper and OEM rear bumper for a 100 series in GJ, CO

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Jan 26, 2005
Grand Junction, CO
Just bought an ARB front and SLEE rear bumpers, so I am selling my custom front bumper and OEM rear bumper off of my 1998 100 series. They are in good shape with the exception of some scratches on the rear bumper. Asking $400 for both plus the ride or make an offer individually. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, John
LC - 100 series 014.jpg
LC - 100 series 005.jpg
LC - 100 series 004.jpg
Would these fit on a 2000?
How heavy duty is that front bumber? Can the brush gaurd be removed? How sturdy is it?
Is that River Rock paint?
Yes, the front would fit up to a 2002 and the rear fits up to 2007. The front bumper is surprisingly sturdy. It does not wiggle or move at all when wheeling and has a great approach angle. The Manik brush guard is simply welded on there and can be zipped off pretty easily. I was considering doing that myself, but I stumbled across and great set up for the front and rear that I could not pass up.

Yes, I beleive it is river rock. At least that is what I was told. Mine is a 1999, so whatever the color grey is for that year is the color. However the rear bumper does have a few good scatches and would need paint if you wanted it perfect, but is in great shaope other than that. The front bumper is painted satin black, FYI. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
UZJ Bumper

That looks like my old bumper!
Yes, it is still for sale. Was asking $250 for the front, but make me an offer. Too bad, my wife just left for Denver 10 minutes ago, or she could have brought it to you.
Center section is 3/16 and was built to add a flat style winch between the rails. It mounts to the original bumper points so you don't need to make any mods to install it. The wings are 1/8 and attach to the front of the wheel wells. The brush bar is off of an 80 series that was modified to fit the 100 series.

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