Events/Trails 4/25 Monthly Meet @ Blue Ridge Brewing

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Sep 17, 2016
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6pm - Until Blue Ridge Brewing Company

They have a full, in-house menu too, so come hungry and skip the food truck.

Yes, Carolina Relic Run coincides with this, so be sure to come out if you are not at Uhwarrie and tell everyone about that relic you plan to get and have ready for next year (that's my story anyhow). ;)

Who's in?

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Should be there. Have wedding in AL that weekend for a niece so can't attend RR this year. Don't think we leave until Friday.
I'll be there. I haven't been downtown in quite a while. Should be interesting finding a spot to park cruisers.
This is in Greer now right?

The photo is deceiving, I think that was their former location in downtown Greenville.

I'm planning to be there.
Good eye, turns out it was a photo of their old location. Fixed. The google map link was/is correct.
Wife and I plan to be there.....
I should be there, @JToobe I’ll bring the Jerrycan
Weather looks nice. So long as the buyer, bank, underwriters, government, and a million other variables cooperate, I will only own one house by that afternoon. Looking forward to a celebration beer.

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