4/21/07 Badlands Off-road Park. Attica, IN

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So what's on the agenda?

I'll be down for the day and might be talked into camping ;) .

We should commence planning.

Planning, we don't need no stinking planning. We have like 10 days till the event, plenty of time to procrastinate.:cool:
If the weather gets a little better, than I am definitely in for camping. This early in the season we'll have to stay at the Attica Family campgrounds, so alcohol will have to be kept incognito.

I have my TBI running pretty good, but I don't think I'll have my auto in by then. Looking forward to wheeling with everyone again after a long hiatus.

We should have the new club stickers at this event. They will be full color versions of our original HC design. I am looking at making the majority 3" and a few 6". Carl had some stickers made for the Harlan event a couple weeks ago by the same company, and they were really nice. The price is very reasonable to have them made, so we may be able to make a couple of bucks to throw back into the club.

Jimmy also got us registered as an official non-profit organization, so we are really starting to make some process on our agenda items from the January meeting. One thing that we really need to catch up on getting dues from all members who weren't able to attend the last event, as the non-prfit registration ate into our bank account. We have th Hoosier Hoedown to start thinking about again, so bring ideas!

Here are my dues... just print it off and take it to the bank...it's sorta like PayPal.
I'll be there and will gather some dues from the locals down here. Still ten bucks? Thats the cheepest thing I've got for the cruisier in years.

I'll be there, minus the hooker. She's shoppin' for a white gown:eek:
Hi, New guy here. I'm thinking about making the trek to Badlands with my stock 62 on 4/21 and I've never been to an organized LC off road event. Is there any kind of schedule or is it more "winging it"? I have a 3'n half hour drive so I was wonering what time I should plan on arriving? Is it Sat. and Sun.? If I camp, I might camp in my school bus, is there room in the campsites for a full size school bus?
How would a stock 62 handle Badlands? I've had it 2 yrs and it is due to get off the pavement.
I would very much like to attend this event. Is that cool for a nonmember to tag along. I've been wheeling a couple times with people from this club and always had a great time.

I am running a fairly stock 85 pickup.

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I'm out, sorry:frown: I've got a ton of stuff I've got to do.

Gappy, your 62 will do just fine. Badlands has something for everyone. It's your call on how hard you push it.

Rvazquez, our motto is the more the merrier, so to answer your question, yes.
The usual plan is to meet in the upper parking lot by 10:00 am, This is to your right as soon as you are checked in at the gate. We usualy wheel for a while then stop for a bite of lunch at the cafe at the park(some brown bag it), then head back out for more wheeling till the place closes.

Al are welcome we wheel anything from stock to ful bore trail rigs, old, new, and even sometimes jeeps.

If there are any changes to this plan I am sure Clint ( our feerless leader) or Jimmy (his trusty sidekick) will post up here with the details.

AJ hate to here you are going to miss this. maybe next time.

I plan to be there Sat. but no camping, my events coordinator says I have plans for Sun.

I'll be there, minus the hooker. She's shoppin' for a white gown:eek:

You don't think this comment has one or more of the reasons you won't be there in it. Congrats on the wedding tell Hedi Jen and I said hi.

To the rest of you, I will be at the campgrounds bright and early to set up camp, 7:30 to 8:00 Saturday morning. Clint are you sure we will be at the Attica Family camp grounds, last year we did it on Easter weekend and Summer Carroll said we was just a couple of weeks early. Either way I don't really care as long as we don't set up right up front again and get caught in a tornado. If we do get the later can I jump in your rig again Ron.

Chad P.
Jimmy you have not stated weather or not you will be in attendance.
I caught that but was waiting for the big official announcement. Its about time she made an honest man out of you. If I remember correctly the first time I met her I told you not to let her get away, it was 20 degrees with snow everywhere and she was wheeling in an open 40 with no heater, and having a ball. It just don't get no better.


Hey Guys. It's me, the other new guy. I will be joining in for the Badlands event. I also have a "mostly" stock 85 truck . Only a handful ,or two, of modifications. I will be bringing a buddy along for the ride. Look forward to it. Later, Tony.
I almost forgot. I have an 87' fuel injection engine with a blown head gasket. I'm gonna list the fuel injection system on ebay, (computer and all) is anyone in the club interested? If so let me know and you can have first dibs on it. Also have some other 87' parts. IFS parts, matching rear axle, rear springs with 2" add a leafs, plus some other stuff. See ya.
I don't know if anyone would be interested, but I also have a full GM running gear. 1/2 ton 10 bolt front, 12 bolt rear with posi unit. 208 t-case and th350 tranny all works. Gonna be another ebay listing if no one is looking within the club. Tony.
Just got word today that Summers campground will be opening tomorrow so that is where I plan on camping at.

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