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Jun 18, 2003
Raleigh, NC
Since December
1999 LC - 285k miles - Dec - Timing belt broke on start up and then was wrecked - Timing belt replaced and all good. Truck is back together and all good for now.
2000 LC - 265k miles - Jan - belt tensioner seized -
2004 LC - 231k miles - Feb 1 - Driving back from the coast get a strange sound from front diff. Stop and it is smoking. Being removed today and the diff is completely dry, no gear oil anywhere and never a puddle anywhere. The front diff does have an ARB locker with blue lines and the air line has been leaking and the arb not engaging. Any idea how a diff would do this? Ordered new diff and will take old diff to East Coast Gear to see if it can be repaired so I can have a front locker again. Anyone ever heard of this happening? Best price I could find on this diff was Fred Anderson in Raleigh. Great discount and no shipping charges because it is shipped to the dealer.

Please send some cruiser luck my way, this is getting crazy over here.
Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
Since you've been having a air line issue for the front, i'm going to say you may have been pumping air into the housing causing a small leak somewhere. I remember someone with a locker in a minitruck having a air leak for the locker inside the diff which caused a leak. Never seen it first hand though.
How does the diff look is there no clear "wet" place where a leak may have been.

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