3rd row removal

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Mar 9, 2013
Bedford, Va
Ive searched like crazy trying to find some detailed info on removing the 3row seats in my 2000 LC. Anyone have any write ups or links they could direct me to? Thanks in advance.
Something like this?
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1424541318.127050.jpg
The instructions on the seat are bare bones, I had to goof with mine the first time but if you have the seat folded up parallel to side window, you fold down the plastic cover (2) in the instructions to access the little pull handle (it's a short round bar)
As you rotate the handle (I think toward center of vehicle) you lift the seat up off the floor.
It's hooked in at the front so you lift , rotate forward and pull the whole thing up and back toward you.

Installation is opposite. You have to hook the front part of the rail then click it in to the back and the locking bar either pops in or you rotate it.

Hope that helps.
Thanks guys. I didn't have signal where I was at so I couldn't respond. It took me 5 minutes to remove the seats after I figured the instructions were right infront of me the whole time.
They're a little tricky, but the design is clever. :)

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