3FE sputtering/stalling

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Aug 16, 2004
:confused: My 89 with 217k on it is stock, the only thing that I have replaced in the 1.5 years and 5k miles is the distributer. Recently, it has started to stutter a little once in a while, usually when I get on the trottle. Today, it started to do it so bad that it stalled several times. If I start it and apply the trottle real easily, it won't, but if you have to get on it, like pull out in traffic, it stalls. Any ideas? Fuel pump?
I just started it up and drove home, about a 10 min drive, and the truck ran fine. Its intermitance is kinda baffling.
fuel filter would be easier to start with, take off your distributer cap and scrape the build up off the contacts and rotor. if you find build up there you might want to check your plugs. how old are your plug wires, center could be breaking down on one. after the easy stuff i would start looking at the fuel pump, but if that was going out i would expect a little more consistency in poor operation.

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