3B glowplug and injector depth question???

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Jan 4, 2007
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How far do I screw in the glowplugs and injectors? I just recieved my 3B back from being totally rebuilt and have new glowplugs and rebuilt injectors and need to install them but dont know how far to insrt them all? also, I have alot of brass washers that go with the injectors that were in small bag when I recieved the injectors back, where do these washers go?

Injectors and glow plugs go in till they bottom out. Do you not have the OEM 3B manual? I can send you a CD copy if you want, it's all covered in there.
Does'nt the 3B have torque specs for this?
You'll probably find whatever you want here: http://repairmanual.free.fr/engine_manual_3B_13BT.pdf

Injestor : FU-4 to FU-9

Glowplug : EM-62

PS : Please note that bleeding the fuel system may take a long time. Ensure you have good battery and a charger on one of them if necessary. That may be soooo long that you can believe there is a problem when the system is only not enough bleed.
good deal, wasnt sure, i will refer to the manual, thanks fellas!!!


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