For Sale 37 Gallon 80 series fuel tank

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Sep 27, 2008
Fort Collins, colorado
This is a like new 37 gallon fuel tank for an 80 series. It replaces the stock fuel tank. It did not work in my vehicle that has a 4.7 transplant. It was about six month wait time to get it as well as paying shipping, I will let it go for $1,250 as new is $1,595 plus $200 shipping. It is located at Slee Offroad currently.
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Located at Slee in golden
Bump for a plug and play upgrade to 37 gallons with no other modifications
Would the smaller 25 gal fit? Thinking of getting one if I keep the truck,,,

Thanks and hope you are well.

This is the tank that replaces the stock tank not underneath in the spare tire location . I could probably do an additional one in the rear. But if someone doesn’t want extra wait in the back this is a great way to go.

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