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Not exactly, been pushed to Sept so its off the calender at this point, my son was really looking forward to it as he has not been able to go because hes always in school, these date changes have really killed the vibe for this event as ALOT of people dont make plans to attend because they cant do the date changes or are afraid of the disappointment.
I know Ross was struggling with the date change and did not want to do it.


Due to several factors, primarily snow, water and unknown damage to camp, I have decided to move Rubithon to Sept 6 -10. I know this is a problem for many, as there will be kids in school and work schedules that can’t be changed. Because of this, Rubithon will refund 100% of your registration fee if you can’t make it this year. We can also roll it over to next year. We have at least one, maybe two Trail Leaders that will need to be replaced. We’ll work on that after we see how many cancellations we have.

If you still want the event shirts, I will deduct the cost and a flat shipping fee of $10 from your refund or roll over.

Please let me know if you will not be able to make it, if you still want the event shirts, and if you want a refund or credit.

Thank You!

Ross Woody
Rubithon Chairman

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